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Registration and use of ID operated by Evrotrust is presently available in the Republic of North Macedonia to Macedonian citizens. However, once registered, the electronic identification, the qualified electronic signatures and the qualified electronic delivery service can be used in the European Union and many countries which recognize the validity of qualified services, provided by qualified trust services providers registered on the territory of the EU.  

The electronic identification can be used to identify yourself remotely before the government, banks, insurance companies, leasing companies, telecoms, financial institutions and any third party just like presenting the ID card. 

The qualified electronic signature can be used whenever electronic documents need to be signed with same legal value as paper documents, signed with handwritten signature. These might be application for e-government service, contracts, declarations, power of attorneys, etc. 

The qualified electronic registered delivery can be used to send and receive electronic documents and other electronic content with the same legal value as a registered mail. Thus the bank may send you securely the contract for opening of a bank account, or the government may send you the certificate for the delivered government service. 

The ID operated by Evrotrust requires use of personal smart devices like smartphones or smart tablets. This is due to the highest standards for security and privacy by design. That is why the smart device should support biometric authentication. Normally you could use the service on any device which support iOS 10 or higher, or Android 6 or higher. Make sure you have enough free memory on the device and enabled biometric feature to lock the device. Good WiFi and mobile connection (4G) is recommended.  

It’s very easy. Just download the ID operated by Evrotrust application from AppStore or Google Play and register by following the instructions. It takes a minute. Then whenever you have to electronically identify or sign a document before the government or a private entity, you will receive a push notification to the mobile device, which you could confirm with a face or fingerprint. It is that simple – one click.

You need a valid personal identity document – ID card or passport, Internet connection on your smart device and a mobile number. Check the supported list of countries which is available in our mobile application at the screen and follow the instructions.

The solution meets highest technological and industry standards for cybersecurity, cryptography and data protection. Your personal data is heavily encrypted through asymmetric algorithms. And because of the biometrics used to unlock your ID on your device, only you can access and use your data. It is you who decide what data and to whom you want to share in order to electronically identify.

If you lose your phone, that’s not a problem. Your data in ID remains encrypted and protected and no one can access it. In any case, we recommend enabling the remote erase function of the smart device, as provided by the device manufacturer. 

You can delete your eID in two simple steps. Just open the application, go to Profile -> Deactivate Profile. When you delete your eID, all your data will be permanently removed from your device. That is why before doing so, we highly recommend that you download any signed documents from your dashboard. Use the share option linked to every document, which appears when you slide the document to the left.

  • The solution is based on a regulated service on a pan-European level; 
  • It is legally binding everywhere in Europe without necessity of being recognized by the national authorities; 
  • It is accessible by the end-user by the most widely used device – the smartphone, in a unique UX without burden for having knowledge or skills. It is a one-click service; 
  • It makes possible remote onboarding for the purposes of registration of the end-user to the ecosystem just once, henceforth the re-identification is one click away; 
  • The time for on-boarding for registration purposes is less than 2 minutes; 
  • The method for remote first on-boarding is certified under eIDAS as having same level of assurance as to a physical presence;   
  • The solution is regulated in EU as being legal for AML/KYC purposes in all member states, North Macedonia and many other countries; 
  • It may be used not only for identification but also for digital transformation purposes like electronical signing of contracts, declarations, payment orders, and any other binding documents; 
  • It embeds the option of qualified time-stamping for proving time of events in the digital environment; 
  • It might be used to deliver any document, paper and content using a qualified electronic registered delivery service, straight in the mobile app of the end-user. The created proofs of evidence are legally binding; 
  • It is based on strong authentication and usage of biometrics. It involves strong asymmetric cryptography based on PKI;   
  • The identification and trust services are covered by liability insurance. 

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