Mastercard and Evrotrust’s Partnership in North Macedonia – ID Operated by Evrotrust Achieves a New Milestone

Mastercard and Evrotrust have been collaborating under the ID Operated by Evrotrust brand, providing businesses in North Macedonia with a comprehensive digital solution for remote customer identification and e-signing. Thanks to Evrotrust’s secure identity verification and qualified e-signatures, bank clients in North Macedonia can now enjoy faster access to banking services with reduced fraud risk.

ID Operated by Evrotrust has recently announced that UNIBank Skopje has joined its client portfolio. UNIBank is one of the financial institutions that has recognized the value of Mastercard and Evrotrust’s innovative solutions and partnered with them to enhance its digital transformation.

With the integration of ID Operated by Evrotrust’s secure digital identity and legally compliant e-signatures, UNIBank Skopje’s customers can use banking services remotely, without visiting a branch office or signing paper documents. The process of creating a digital identity takes only 2 minutes, and the issued identity certificate can be used limitless times for digital verification online.

ID Operated by Evrotrust offers qualified trust services in accordance with the laws of North Macedonia on Electronic Documents, Electronic Identification, and Confidential Services. Evrotrust ensures the highest level of security when collecting and protecting personal data.

In conclusion, the adoption of ID Operated by Evrotrust’s solution to UNIBank Skopje is a great step forward for the bank and its customers, providing them with more flexibility, security, and faster access to banking services while saving time and financial resources. This partnership is an excellent example of how technology can be used for good, providing new privileges to customers and enabling them to create a legally recognized digital identity and e-signature.