ID operated by Evrotrust, is a digital identity service of Mastercard, operated in the Republic of North Macedonia by  Evrotrust Technologies. It aims at creating an interoperable ecosystem of digital identities and trust services for transforming businesses and everyday life of people. No need of physical presence or paper. Entering this new world is just a click away, right from your mobile app. Get your eID and go digital now!


Several cutting-edge services, full digital transformation 


Now people can create a reusable digital identity, with just a few clicks from their mobile device, and then use it like an ID card. We will verify the identity information through one or more official data sources. No physical presence is needed anymore, hence banking, insurance, government or other services can be accessed remotely. 


Signing documents on a paper is a thing of the past. Now electronic documents can be signed remotely with qualified electronic signatures straight from the mobile device with same legal effect as paper-based documents with handwritten signatures. Remove paper, be effective, stay green. 


Securely sending and receiving documents and messages from wherever you are using your mobile device is now a reality. Why send paper anymore? Send and get evidence digitally with the electronic registered delivery service, just like the paper-based register service of the post offices.

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eID and eSign remotely

ID operated by Evrotrust, changes the way people establish their identity and interact with companies and the government

Requesting a service from the government or a company is now more convenient and effective. No more waiting, no more queues. Take your mobile phone and show your face. It’s that simple.  

Requesting a certificate from the government, or opening a bank account at midnight? ID operated by Evrotrust is the right solution. You can access any available digital services, private or public, whenever you like from wherever you are. Convenient, secure and legally binding.  

Yes, that’s correct! You can register and obtain an eID and qualified certificate for e-signature for free. And when using  eID and eSign with third parties such as banks, insurance companies, and telecoms – costs are borne by them. Please note, however, for self-singing, paid subscription fees might incur, according to the conditions of the use available from the mobile app. 

The solution meets the highest level of assurance, as certified by accredited conformity assessment bodies in Europe. It is registered and supervised by the state. Personal data is stored in the mobile device with strong encryption algorithms, unlocked only by you with your face or finger. 


Digitally transform

Electronic idenitification and signature can help digitally transform any business, make it competitive, reliable, and automated

Our electronic identification and signature services make possible real-time, remote on-boarding of clients, 24/7. This not only enriches the user experience, but enables real-time engagement with clients, which may electronically identify and sign contracts, declarations and documents needed for providing a service. These services are compliant with eIDAS, AML, KYC, PSD2, GDPR, Consumer protection and other applicable laws. 

Change internal processes and have them digital makes ID operated by Evrotrust another solution solver. Signing a labor contract, request for leave, orders, management and Board decisions are now possible so that no longer papers would be needed. Securely and legally binding, the service covers internal business needs both for private and government institutions.

Digital transformation is now possible. Why have so many local branches and offices when clients can be now served remotely? But even more – the solution provides the companies a whole new model for servicing 24/7 in a completely automated way.     

Removing tons of papers each year, reducing costs for printing  and archiving is a dream that now can come true. Go digital and realize savings, organizational effectiveness, and help protect the environment. 


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